Adventskranzkette E10

Adventskranzkette E10

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Product description The classics of festive decoration. Light candles, for example with... mehr
Produktinformationen "Adventskranzkette E10"

Product description

The classics of festive decoration.
Light candles, for example with LED or incandescent lamps. Flame or lamp shape. Matt or ribbed. The stem with drops or without. In different colors or shiny metallic. The top lamp, the shaft lamp, the gasket or other accessories can be flexibly exchanged.

Technical information

This energy-saving technology, we have introduced in our traditional indoor and outdoor light chains. In addition to the proven versions with conventional light bulbs, these fairy lights are also available with replaceable LED lamps. These LEDs are available with E 10 and E14 thread, in the shape of top lamps and shaft lamps. The electronics of this LED we have developed so that a single voltage per LED of 8-34 volts can be controlled. This has the advantage that the LED can be used universally in fairy lights from 7 to 30 burners and does not have to be paid attention to different voltages due to the number of burners.

Take care when using of traditional light chains that are equipped with LED bulbs, that these LED bulbs are not used with normal bulbs in a fairy lights and that you only use replacement LED bulbs of the MK Illumiation brand to ensure the guarantee and liability.


Technische Daten "Adventskranzkette E10"
0.062 m
0.025 m
0.08 m
220-240V , 2 W, LED: 4
4 replaceablebulb "Windstoss", E10 24V/2W, candle with tears in color white bulbspacing ca. 0,3 m, Main Connection ca. 5 m with Trafo IP20

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